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Our Services...

Our Services



We offer comprehensive design, including all phases of project documentation. General projects, concept designs, preliminary and final designs, detailed designs, including all detailed workshop drawings, as-built drawings, as well as environmental impact assessment and fire protection studies.

The following phases of design documentation can be elaborated by our staff:

  • Architectural & Structural
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Water engineering
  • Technology

Our experts are primarily specialized for designing general-use buildings (residential, office, hotel and the like buildings) but also for industrial developments such as production plants, warehouses, plants and the like.

Project management

Project management

Our motto is "from zoning documents to occupancy permit"..

Flow’s Project Managers have managed permit procedures, design and construction processes, and all accompanying activities in relation to dozens of developments having value of even up to fifty million euro. Knowledge of legislation, procedures and engineering requirements is a precondition to effective and economic management of even the smallest development so as to avoid bureaucratic and other obstacles. Every project managed by our Project Management Team has obtained an occupancy permit - an achievement which few companies can boast of.



Consulting is a two-way interactive process of receiving and lending support. Our consultants, individually or in collaboration with your Management Team, create, develop and promote business processes which contribute to successful management and project completion.

The manner and resources you use to launch an investment, the optimum progress schedule of works and investments, control and supervision of all participants in the project, including regular investor’s reporting and coordination of all factors in all project phases are only a part of what we can offer through consultancy services.


Izvodjenje radova

In cooperation with our partners, we also offer construction of all types of developments (residential, industrial, warehouses, offices…) as turn-key projects.

In particular, the following:

  • Preliminary and earth works, backfilling and leveling
  • Concrete structures, concrete floor slabs up to final treatment
  • Steel structures, steel trusses
  • Brickwork and plastering
  • Cladding with panels or metal sheets, all other metalwork
  • All types of insulation works
  • Hydrant systems, manholes, pits, outlets, access way bridges
  • A full range of trades works up to "turn-key” phase"