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Flow Plus

Flow Plus is a company that provides services from the field of design, construction and supervision for public, office and industrial developments, including project management and consulting as well.

The company was established in 2009 as a continuation of the design bureau "ABBR" from Belgrade (2007) and "Kana" - building company from Nova Pazova, which has been operating since 1994.

In the course of the last decade, FLOW PLUS Expert Team has worked with renowned European and other investors, and thus, updated its mode of operation with new software in the field of designing as well as in the field of project management.

We possess serious equipment for construction of industrial, storage and office&residential developments.

Also offering...

In addition to design and construction, our legal and urban planning team provides evaluations and appraisals (possibility of construction on site, estimated expenses of acquisition, construction costs…).

Flow Plus is organized as a modern company, run by an assembly, without a single majority shareholder.

The assembly elects the Managing Director either out of the assembly members or out of other employees.

Targeted Clients...

The core Clients of our company are public, office and industrial development Investors in Serbia and the Region, as well as in Russia, Africa and Asia, where we have been successful in providing our design services.

Our emphasis was and still is on the swift progress of projects (identifying locations, obtaining public utility conditions and approvals, zoning/planning documents, soil investigation works, tender dossiers, design documentation, provision of building permit, construction works, acceptance check procedure, occupancy permit, final report), in order to enable Clients ease start of new projects.